Quick bass trip.

19 11 2017

Still here 19th November ūüėĄ


Catch up. 

12 11 2017

I know I don’t really keep this site upto date, I still like to fish and time seems to be against me nowadays as I work a norm al 9-5 job therefore fishing time is halved. 

I have been a few times this year had about 59 bass nothing big 2lbs tops. 

Also went wrasse my today and had one first cast. 

I have upped my game and got a 4K action cam so I’ll hopefully post a few vids up next year. Here’s a couple form the last week. I’ll add a few photos so of some of this years catches too. 

2015 Round up. 

28 02 2016

Apologies I don’t post very often due to work, other commitments and not being arsed. 

Didn’t really start fishing till July 2015 as I re connected with archery amd spending a lot f time on a field shooting pointy sticks at targets, along with the shocking weather we had. 

Few trips locally and back on the Bass, Savage Gear Sandeels are a blast and total Bass fodder and with the cheap price a must for every Bass Lure angler. 

Also popped my off the top cherry.  Been trying to get one one OTT for a few years and rapidly loose interest after 10 mins a and switch back to SGS or hard shallow diving plastics. 

A trip to a local beach and a chat with a couple of anglers suggested I try, so the next visit I popped on a baby patchinko and first cast had …….. A mackerel, but then 7 school is of rubbish size in the next half hour.  I then switched to a big Patchinko in Necra or white and hit one 3.4 lbs so chuffed, also had a couple more through out the season OTT. 

Also went to Es Canar in Ibiza for a week in September and we were right near a small prom/harbour, armed with an ¬£11 spinning rod and 2000 sized shimano I had great fun catching local bream and mullet on floated bread. 

Remember guys the new bass legislation for 2016 no bass to ne kept until July then just one per trip, or do what I do and put them all back. 

Going to have a pop at Wrasse on the lures this year. 

Here’s a few pics enjoy. 

SCHF 42 Bushcraft Knife by Brian Griffin, plus whats in store at UKEDC

18 09 2015

A table top review of the totally wonderful Brian Griffin Design SCHF 42.

This is THE knife, its probably the best knife for outdoors I have encountered.  If you are contemplating etting one, dontjust buy it, you wont regret it in the slightest!

Full Tang Fixed 5.12″ Blade Knife, caoted black with a material that helps it slip and slide whilst performing cutting tasks, with a pommel at the bottom for crushing nuts, tinder etc, made from 1095 High Carbon Steel, the blade has some nice jimping on the spine and a lovely recurve that really bites into wood for feather sticking etc.

Grivory Handle which is amazingly grippy and practically sticks you your hand even when wet, also features a Black Premium Leather Belt Sheath.

The F42 Frontier makes a credible Bushcraft and camping knife, with a 5.12″ blade and grippy Grivory handle the Frontier is a pleasure to use. A black leather premium sheath is included.

Available int he UK HERE from EDC Gear
Link to Polymath Products

Link to Waternlife – Waternlife

Link To Eskimo Agency Р (Supplier for UK Not Retail) Eskimo Agency

Link to Everydaycarry –¬†everydaycarry


As usual please see the video for more in-depth review.

Maxpedition Pouches and EDC Dump.

15 06 2015


Maxpedtion pouches are a great way to store your EDC and other essentials.

They come in various sizes but for my EDC items which are not in my pocket I like the Mini version.

It comfortably holds those little items I like to have with me at all times, in my man bag, whilst on holiday the kind of things that are a secondary EDC.

The pouch its self I got from Jon at www.everydaycarry.co.uk he stocks a nice range and is competitive in his pricing but get this he offers my followers a 15% discount across his whole range and on all stock so use

UKEDC76@9£4 at the check out to claim yours.

Anyhoo back to the pouches, Vey well made and punch well above their weight, Teflon coated to reduce staining and made form Cordura I think.  Well stitched and quality zips, no chance of ripping or tearing.

I keep the following in mine and there is still space for other items.

Small FAK


Fresnel Lens.

Iphone charging and syncing cable.

Lighter with Duct Tape wrapping.

USB stick.

Fenix E11.

Pilot pen pencil combo.

Leatherman PS4.

Mini Sharpie.

Nice to keep all those items together rather than rattling about in your bag, you can get yours from HERE and of course they are available in different colours Black, OD Green and Khaki there are different other styles available to o so check out the full range at www.everydaycarry.co.uk dont forget your discount code to save a further 15%.

Please enjoy the video it will show a lot more detail for you.

IMG_5858 IMG_5859

Sunday 28, Tues 30 Sept and Weds 1 Oct.

1 10 2014

Sunday 28 Sept.

After catching a few bass last week I headed off to the South Hams again, nice spring tide and high at about 9pm I thought I would go and slay them.

I took Wife along and the water was similar to last week and tide was building.  Nothing for about 2 hours then a tug on my SGS, Yay a bass only a small one but got one.

Then …………….. nothing not a touch for the rest of the evening.

Tues 30 Sept.

Thought I would head out to Brixham Breakwater and catch and smoke a few mackerel, as  have just fancied some for tea.

Got to the end and there were a few chicken chuckers there one bloke asked me to tie his stop knot, which I did althoguh amazed that someone about 50 years old cant tie one!!

4 in his party and my word a cast within 180′ was considered accurate, they had more success catching each other than fish!!

Anyhoo long story short, sod all on the float, even tried feathers and got 2 tiny pollock not a jot, only saw 2 mackerel landed all morning.

Things are not looking good!!!!!

Wednesday 1 Oct

2 things I have wanted to do this year.

Work out how to use my Vespa for fishing and catch a Mullet.

Sorting out the Vespa was fine a 3 section Ron Thompson spinning rod and net secured and slung over my shoulder, and tackle in my Pet carrier (under seat storage)

I was out for a ride with the wife last week and we stopped at a mark and saw a load of mullet, so  thought I would try and catch one today i have only ever caught 2 under supervision from good mullet anglers in boats and not had one form the shore at all.  I have not caught one for about 8 years, and not targeted them as they are buggers to catch.

I arrived and set up a small bubble float size on my Shimano 2500 baitrunner loaded with 6lb line, size10 barbless and some bread and saw nothing no fish at all.

Thought I  would have a go anyway and after an hour nothing seen, here we go again!!!

I threw in 3 pieces of bread and a a lone mullet came swimming up and started to eat them I am rubbish at guessing sizes but he looked OK and I would be happy if I could catch one what ever the size, it was amazing seeing him so close with my polariods on, a real silver ghost as they are aptly named..

He sucked on my baited hook and I was so shocked and did not strike, and he moved off to another piece, i lifted my bait out of the water and dropped into an area he was feeding, and he headed for my bread again, had a small suck at the bait and BAM I struck, Fish on and off he went with the sound of my lightly set drag buzzing away, heart now pumping like crazy!!!!!!!

Now the comedy of errors!, my net was about 10 feet behind me, so I played him for about a minute and when he went a bit stiller I lifted the rod and loosened the drag and walked back ot get my net, he then decided to make another dash.

I got to the bank and the net was too short to land him, despite being belly on the ground and arm outstretched.  I needed to head 15 feet to my left to land him at a lower level.

Rod up, net in hand, foot down a hole and I went arse over tit and my foot stuck in a hole.

I clambered to get out and eased the Mullet to the side and netted him, chuffed to hell smile beaming all over my face.

took a couple of pics and weighed him in at 4.99lbs my first ever speci fish and prop the 3rd biggest I have had from shore.

Stopped for another hour and Mr Swan kept eating my bread so time to go home after giving him the rest of the loaf.

Still smiling now.

IMG_4760 IMG_4757 IMG_4758 IMG_4766 IMG_4764

Saturday 20 September & Monday 22 September – Finally!!!

26 09 2014

Not been too often I have had a bad year and lost a little confidence, I also only bothered to fish easy marks as I was loosing a bit of Heart.

Wife and I went to South Hams on Saturday and I threw the rods in the car in case we had a spare hour.

We arrived and had a 2 hour window to fish and selected a mark I have not been to for years.

LOADS of baitfish in the water and a few fish seen on top.

I had a Mackerel on a Red Gill Evo, my Wife was using a Savage Gear Sandeel and I suggested she swap to a Fiiish Minnow in green, she did and hit a Mackerel shortly after.

We decided to leave and try another mark down river and I heard her drag rip off, she has never had a nice sized fish and I saw her struggle to get it in, the tip was really bouncing and line buzzing off.

She got it to her feet and it was a Gilt Head Bream I was surprised as I have not heard of one falling to a lure, then the inevitable happened it got off!!! Nightmare.

We moved down river and I put on a Maria Chase Holo my go to lure and had a few bumps but no takes.

Wife casts and lands a Bass of about 1.5lb which she released after a quick shot.

So outfished 3 – 1!!!! but glad she caught.

On the Monday I decided to go alone to one of my new secret spots.

I arrived and looked at the water form the car park and was disappointed hardly and swell and pretty flat, but I was there so decided to have a go.

I waded in and my waders I recently repaired leaked instantly, great start new pair needed.

I started with a SGS and second cast boom fish on and Bass about 1.5 lb landed, chuffed.

10 mins later and I switched to a Mangrove Studio Sardina a lure I love and have 4 of but not caught on this pattern a multi coloured affiar. Boom another Schoolie thought I would weigh him and take a pic as the lure was showing well.

Weighed in at just under 2lb and whilst had my camera the batteries had fallen out of the pouch in the boot. I also left my iphone in the car, I am now thinking, I m going to get a nice one any minute and will have no proof as I always catch and release.

Quiet for an hour and bang another around the 2lb mark, then shortly after another on SGS.

Getting dark and left my headlight in the car and getting cold with my wet legs.

a couple more plucks and a Pollock landed only small but another fish, then 10 mins after another.

Was now dark and I could not see and was freezing so time to go.

4 Bass and 2 Pollock my best days lure fishing this year.

Will return again soon and try and get that elusive PB.



Quick Catch up.

9 08 2014

Been out a few times and not done too well to be honest.

Did have a bit of luck on the Teign end of July and hit a schoolie on a SGS.

Went to Slappy with the wife at the start o August and she hit her first Bass of the year, again only a schoolie and once again on a SGS.  

I only had a macky though not a bad size, and the water was alive with Scad preying on baitfish, we fished through but were unable to get a Bass we hoped would be chasing them.

Finally a good friend of mine who is a great fisherman and has a fantastic blog¬†Braidrunner¬†had his first artical published in a new mag “Sea Fishing Magazine” worth a read and a giant pic of yours truly in it.







Long time no post!

3 06 2014

Finally I have caught a Bass!

Not been a great deal over the last 8 months with weather and shift commitments, probably the longest I have been with out catching a fish.

Actually the last Bass I caught was in the same spot 9 months ago!

Anyhoo, wife and I went it Cornwall camping in a nice little site we know in Lansallos.

It’s about a 30 min walk via the coast path to a nice little spot we fished last year with deep water and we hit a few fish on the lures.

My first proper lure purchase was a Megabass Zonk in cruisin blue, my naivety saw me buy a diver rather than a shallow diver, so not ideal for my usual trips, I do however have the a gateride shallow diver and have had a few bass on this lure, and it remained pretty much unused bit I thought it would be ideal for the area I knew we would fish.

We arrived and the water was gin clear a few casts and I had a follow on a SGS but no take, we used a mackerel patterned lure and both wife and I had a knock but no fish.

I switched to the Zonk and had a take about half way in, not a huge fish but my first in ages and I was chuffed to bits.

I switched to a Eddystone eel and had a lovely fish follow it but again no take, this was a nice one and reckon would have beat my 5 lb personal best.

As it’s a tidal mark the water started to slop around us about 8pm with an hours till high tide, and we had to retreat back to the site.

We plan on going again later in the year and hope we can yield the same if not better results.

Hoping this leads to many more fish now my dry spell has hopefully lapsed.




18 10 2013

Please do this to save our sport.


Help our Bass by Signing this Petition


I have cut the following text from the petition site:

Once seen as a tasty but sustainable fish choice by shoppers, the sea bass has joined the list of fish species under threat.

A recent assessment by the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas shows that numbers have plummeted. As with the many other threated food fish, the cause is over-exploitation, notably in the waters around the UK.

Despite scientists recommending a drastic cut in sea bass fishing to preserve stocks, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has stated that it plans to do … absolutely nothing.

We can’t let another fish species go, and this has happened so many times before that DEFRA has no excuse for inaction. 

Tell the UK government to work for the environment ‚Äď and the long term future of the‚Ķ

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